Inclusion of Morus alba leaf meal: its effect on apparent retention of nutrient, productive performance and quality of the carcass of naked neck fowls

Santos Magdalena Herrera, Lourdes Savón, Esmeralda Lon Wo, Odilia Gutiérrez, Magaly Herrera


In order to evaluate the effect of mulberry (Morus alba) meal on apparent retention of nutrients, productive performance, yield and quality of the carcass of heterozygous naked neck fowls, two experiments were carried out. In the first experiment, a total of 24 male fowls of seven weeks old and 1.8 kg of liveweight were analyzed (six/treatment), using a completely randomized design. In the second experiment, an amount of 168 fowls, without being sexed and 28 d old, were analyzed (42 fowls/treatment), using a random block design. In both experiments, treatments were 0, 3, 6 and 9 % of inclusion of mulberry leaf meal in diets. In experiment 1, the apparent retention of DM, CP and NDF were measured. In experiment 2, the study determined food intake, weight gain, food conversion and sensorial quality of carcass. Apparent retention of neutral detergent fiber was reduced with 6 and 9 % of mulberry leaf meal (P<0.001), regarding apparent retention of DM when including 0, 3 and 9 % (P<0.05). Food conversion was more efficient (P < 0.001) (2.94) in fowls that consumed a diet with 3 % of this meal. Weights of the carcass, drumsticks + tighs, breast and abdominal fat were similar in the control and with 3% of the meal, and differed (P < 0.001) with the inclusion of 6 and 9 % of the meal. Indicators of taste, tenderness and juiciness did not show differences among treatments. Fowls consuming mulberry meal presented a higher pigmentation regarding control (0 %). Results suggest that it is possible to include up to 3% of mulberry leaf meal, without affecting apparent retention of nutrients, productive performance, yield and quality of carcass in heterozygous naked neck fowls.

Key words: heterozygous naked neck fowls, mulberry leaf meal, productive performance

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