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Published: 2018-02-07

Comparison of mixed and fixed effects in the analysis of a split plot design in an experiment with Guinea Mombaza (Megathyrsus maximus cv. Mombaza)

Magaly Herrera, Yolaine Medina, Walkiria Guerra, Lucía Sarduy, Yoleisy García Hernández, Verena Torres, L. M. Fraga

Best F1 crossbreedings and hybrid reproducers as maternal lines for commercial rabbit production

Yoleisy García-Hernández, Raquel Ponce de León, Gladys Guzmán, L. M. Fraga, Oriol Santiago, Ismael Berrios, Lucio Labrador, Dayron García

Collection of microorganisms with potential as additives for animal nutrition at the Institute of Animal Science

Areadne Sosa, Niurca González, Yaneisy García, Yoandra Marrero, Elaine Valiño, Juana Galindo, Dailyn Sosa, Maryen Alberto, Dayamí Roque, Nereida Albelo, Laura Colomina, Onidia Moreira

Effect of a VITAFERT microbial additive on some bioproductive and health indicators in growing pigs

L. Lazo-Pérez, Q. D. Ruiz, A. Elías, F. R. Herrera, Ileana Zamora Rodríguez

Rectal digestibility of nutrients in growing pigs, fed with taro silage (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott). Technical note

W. Caicedo, R. Rodríguez, P. Lezcano, J. Ly, J. C. Vargas, H. Uvidia, E. Samaniego, S. Valle, L. Flores

Effects of the alimentary restriction and living space in the intake and digestive transit of naked neck chickens in grazing

Magdalena Herrera, Odilia Gutiérrez, J. Macías, Lourdes Savón, Alexandra Barrera, A. Díaz

Effect of Leucaena leucocephala on structure and content of dry matter in the soil of two cattle rearing units in Villa Clara, Cuba

P. Cairo-Cairo, E. Noval-Artiles, B. Díaz-Martín, Alianny Rodríguez-Urrutia, Oralia Rodríguez-Lopez, P. Torres-Artiles, R. Jiménez-Carrazana, A. Dávila-Cruz

A temporary legume sprouts: An alternative for animal feeding

María F. Díaz, María A. Martín, Madeleidy Martínez, Lourdes Savón, Yolanda Aguilera, Vanesa Benítez, Verena Torres, G. Coto, Acela González, Mariela Sarmiento, Yasmila Hernández