A preprint is a research-related document that is ready to be submitted to the journal but has not been peer-reviewed and approved for publication.

A document can be submitted to the journal before or at the same time as submission to a preprints repository such as SciELO Preprints.

The lead author must communicate to the journal editor or section editor that the version of the paper being submitted to the journal has been previously or simultaneously submitted to a preprints server.

Authors are responsible for the information contained in the final version of the document that will be published in preprints server, and in no case does the journal guarantee exact similarity with the version published after its arbitration process, nor that the preprints document complies with the policies set forth in its editorial guidelines and ethical precepts.

The approval or rejection of the document in the preprints repository is not a binding element, so the journal reserves the right to approve or reject the document if the refereeing process so considers.