This journal penalizes plagiarism and fraudulent data in documents, publish the same article in more than one journal, copy and use textual information from any document, use data, images and other resources without the authorization of all natural or legal authors of the work, use information that has not been consulted from the original source by some of the authors of the document, modify or misrepresent the meaning and context of the information contained in other works, as well as any other inappropriate use that alters the integrity of the information.

To detect plagiarism, the editors and referees of the journal use free software Plagiarism and Editpad. It can detect plagiarism in more than 190 languages, uses different search engines and supports a large number of document extensions.

For the detection of plagiarism of graphic resources in the journal, the service is used: The service offers some of the fastest and most accurate image recognition APIs in the world.