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Published: 2019-12-04

Performance of energy and protein metabolism of female water buffaloes during early postpartum period

C. Gallego, L. M. Fraga, A. Peñalver, A. García, R. G. López, María Inés Lens Souza, Eunice Oba

Stability of the zootechnical additives SUBTILPROBIO® C-31, C-34 and E-44 under different temperature conditions

Grethel Milián, Ana j. Rondón, M. L. Pérez, Yordanys Martínez, R. Bocourt, Marlén Rodríguez, A. Beruvides, Yadileiny Portilla

Cutting age and nutritional value of mulberry (Morus alba) foliage meal for pigs

S. Mireles, E. Moreno, M. Ruiz, Pok Samkol, Y. Yaro, D. González, J. Ly

Forages quality of Cenchrus clandestinum and Lolium perenne forages in the form of hay at different regrowth ages

L. Silva Déley, J. Acosta, G. Parra, M. Martínez Freire, B. Toro, J. Sambache, S. Peñafiel, E. Chacón

Yield of Mulato II grass inoculated with Bradyrhizobium sp. and Glomus cubense under agricultural drought conditions

C. J. Becquer, R. Reyes Rosseaux, D. Fernández Milanés, P. González Cañizares, F. Medinilla Nápoles

Cladode shape analysis of Nopalea cochenillifera (forage cactus Giant Sweet clone) using anatomical landmarks

L. R. R. Lucena, M. L. V. M. Leite, V. J. L. P. Simões, J. L. P. S. Izidro, J. B. Simplício