Effect of the supplementation with a ruminal protein activator on weight gain of steers fed rice straw

G. N. D’Ascanio, A. Elías, Angela J. Flores, R. Rodríguez, F. Herrera


In order to evaluate the animal response to supplementation with a ruminal protein activator to steers consuming rice straw rolls, an amount of 27 animals of 160 kg were used, distributed into three treatments (rice straw, rice straw + 200g of ruminal protein activator and rice straw + 400 g of ruminal protein activator.
animal.d-1). A random blocks design was applied, with three animals per treatment and three repetitions. Mean composition was 4.9 and 45.2 % of crude protein and 61.5 and 20.3 % of neutral detergent fiber for rice straw rolls and the ruminal protein activator, respectively. The control animals, fed only rice straw rolls, lost weight (-0.09 kg.animal.d-1). Treated groups gained 0.242 and 0.325 kg.animal.d-1 (P <0.001) for low and high doses, respectively, although without differences among them. The intake of rice straw rolls increased in 16 % in the treatments supplemented with the activator (P < 0.01), but not between doses. Final efficiency of the
use of the activator was 1 g of ruminal protein activator per 1 g of daily weight gain. It is recommended the doses of 1.16 g of ruminal protein activator per kilogram of liveweight.

Key words: protein supplementation, low quality forages, protein activator

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