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Published: 2016-03-09

Persistency of milk yield in Anglo Nubia x Criolla goats

Manuel Pesántez, Arelis Hernández, Luis M. Fraga

Isolation and identification of strains of Bacillus spp. in different ecosystems, with probiotic purposes, and their use in animals

Grethel Milián, A. J. Rondón, M. Pérez, L. M. Samaniego, J. Riaño, Raúl Bocourt, R. Ranilla, M. D. Carro, M. Rodríguez, M. Laurencio

In vitro digestibility of protein with enzymatic crudes, obtained from residues of the slaughter house

Maryen Alberto, Lourdes Savón, Maday Alonso del Rivero, Beatriz Farruggia

Effect of tropical plant foliage on the control of methane production and in vitro ruminal protozoa population

Juana Galindo, Niurca González, Yoandra Marrero, Areadne Sosa, Tomás Ruiz, Gustavo Febles, Verena Torres, Ana I. Aldana, G. Achang, Onidia Moreira, Lucía Sarduy, Aida C. Noda

Effect of a regulator product of the fermentation with coconut oil on the methanogenic population and other microbial of the sheep rumen Pelibuey

Juana Galindo, Niurca González, Denia Delgado, R. González, Areradne Sosa, Yohandra Marrero, A. I. Aldana, Oneida Moreira, J. Cairo, Verena Torres, Lucía Sarduy, Aida Noda

Nutritional value of foliage meal from four species of tropical trees for feeding ruminants

R. Rodríguez, Niurca González, Marbelis Domínguez, Lucía Sarduy