Effect of taro tubers (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott) silage on the productive performance of commercial pigs. Technical note

W. Caicedo, J. C. Vargas, H. Uvidia, E. Samaniego, S. Valle, L. Flores


In order to evaluate the effect of taro tuber silage with natural yogurt on the productive performance of commercial pigs, a total of 60 castrated male pigs from the commercial hybrid Pietrain x Duroc x Landrace, of 70d of age, with initial average live weight of 25.45 ± 0.69 kg were used. The animals were distributed at a rate of 30 pigs in two treatments: T1 control diet (maize and soybean), T2 (substitution of 100 % of maize by taro tubers silage in the diet) according to a completely randomized design. The mean comparison was performed with the Fisher test(P≤0.05). There was no significant differences (P >0.05) for live weight (kg) at 4d (T1: 60.94; T2: 60.96) and 84 days (T1: 101.47; T2: 101.63), food intake (kg d-1) at 42 (T1: 2.19; T2: 2.19) and 84 days (T1: 2.79; T2: 2.79), weight gain (kg pig-1 d-1) at 42 (T1: 0.84; T2: 0.85) and 84 days (T1: 0.96; T2: 0.97) and feed convertion (kg kg-1) at 42 (T1: 2.60; T2: 2.60) and 84 days (T1: 2.90; T2: 2.89). In the feeding of commercial fattening pigs, it is possible to completely replace the maize by taro tubers silage with natural yogurt without affecting the animals productive performance.
Key words: fattening pigs, taro tubers yogurt, productive indexes.

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