A meta-analysis on the bibliographic references in scientific articles of pigs raised with fibrous resources

J. Ly, D. R. Sánchez Chiprés


A test of the status quo of bibliographic references was carried out in 12 scientific articles selected at random and published in English in high impact journals between 2006 and 2017.The articles deal with the theme of using fibrous resources in pig rearing. It was found that the average of bibliographic references per article was 33.5. In addition, its distribution among introduction, Materials and Methods and discussion was 33.5. 20.5 and 46.0 % of the total, respectively, without significant effect (P>0.10) of six years (2006/2011 and
2012/2017) in any case. This same comparison showed that the average publication date of the referred documents was 1996 and 1998 without effect of six years (P> 0.10). In the publication chronology of the bibliographic references, there was not treatment effect (P> 0.10), with an accumulated of 1.7, 5.6, 17.6, 35.0, 66.1 and 93.9 % of the total mentioned with an age of 1, 2, 4, 8 , 16 and 32 years old, apparently forming a temporary cycle. The polynomial link between age and accumulated percent was highly significant
(R2, 0.999, P <0.001). Eight years in referred publications could be a possible index that would qualify the bibliographic support of scientific articles, at least those similar to the bias selected in this research. Undoubtedly, more research is required to support this suggestion.
Key words: pigs, fiber, bibliography, bibliometrics

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