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Published: 2016-06-03

Letter to the editor

José A. Díaz Untoria

High resolution melting analysis on temperature allows the genotype determination of indicators related to beef

L. E. López Rojas, Laura Patiño Cadavid, Juliana María Martínez Garro, Silvana Durán Ortiz, Lina Johana Correa Agudelo, Santiago González Escudero, Albeiro López Herrera, José Julián Echeverri Zuluaga

Performance of replacement Cuban Charolais females in a silvopastoral system compared to a monoculture

Ana M. Vega, Rafael S. Herrera, Verena Torres, L. Lamela, I. Montejo, A. Santana, Delia M. Cino

Effect of a raw saponin extract on ruminal microbial population and in vitro methane production with star grass (Cynodon nlemfuensis) substrate

Juana Galindo, Niurca González, A. Luiz Abdalla, Mariem Alberto, R. C. Lucas, K. C. Dos Santos, M. Regina Santos, P. Louvandini, O. Moreira, Lucía Sarduy

Biological effect of tannins from four tropical tree species

Rafael Rodríguez, Niurca González, J. Alonso, Yasmila Hernández, Yolaine Medina

Physicochemical and biological indicators in silages of taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott) tubers for animal feeding

Wiliam Caicedo, R. Rodríguez, P. Lezcano, Julio Ly, S. Valle, L. Flores, F. N. A. Ferreira

Evaluation of three varieties of Megathyrsus maximus in the dry period

Dayleni Fortes, Daiky Valencia, C. R. García, M. García, Ana M. Cruz, Aida Romero

Characterization of grains and panicles quality of Cuban sorghum cultivars harvested at two grain vegetative stages and two harvesting season

Janhad L. Rodríguez-Mendieta, V. D. Gil-Díaz, L. I. Marrero-Suárez, A. Castro-Alegría, Sandra Hoedtke, R. Lima-Orozco