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Published: 2013-04-11

Models to estimate the growth dynamics of Pennisetum purpureum cv. Cuba CT-169

Lourdes Rodr?guez, Verena Torres, Ram?n Omar Mart?nez, Osmany Jay, Aida C. Noda, Magaly Herrera

Genetic assessment of the dairy cattle Mambi de Cuba

Arelis Hern?ndez, Raquel Ponce de Le?n, Sonia M. Garc?a, Gladys Guzm?n, Marta Mora

Growth performance and carcass characteristics in finishing feedlot heifers fed different levels of chromium-enriched live yeast or fed zilpaterol hydrochloride

Yissel S. Vald?z-Garc?a, J. I. Aguilera-Soto, A. Barreras, A. Estrada-Angulo, A. G?mez-Vazquez, A. Plascencia, Julio J. Reyes, Justiniano Stuart, Noem? G. Torrentera

Classification of dairy units belonging to the Basic Units of Cooperative Production in Ciego de Avila, Cuba

J. Mart?nez-Melo, Humberto Jord?n, Verena Torres, G. Guevara, N. Hern?ndez, L. Brunett, Dayam? Fontes, C. Mazorra, Yohanka Lezcano, Nieves Cubillas

Dynamic classification of the dairy cooperative sectors in the Ciego de Avila province, Cuba

J. Mart?nez-Melo, Verena Torres, Humberto Jord?n, G. Guevara, N. Hern?ndez, L. Brunett, Dayam? Fontes, C. Mazorra, Yohanka Lezcano, Nieves Cubillas

Utilization of proteinic sugarcane meal in the feeding of juvenile red tilapia

A. Botello, M. V. Cisneros, Mar?a T. Viana, Manuel Valdivie, E. Pulles, E. T?llez, G. S. Silvera, Y. Valera, I. G. Angulo, A. B. Rodriguez, R. B. Rodr?guez, Kirenia P. Corr?a