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Published: 2020-02-07

Use of agroindustrial residues for producing enzymes by Bacillus subtilis E

Madyu Matos, Y. Pérez Hernández, Aymara Valdivia, María Ranilla, Zoraya Rodríguez, Yasmary Rubio, A. Díaz, Sonia Jardines, C. Camacho

Effect of a probiotic mixture of Bacillus subtilis 20Bp and Lactobacillus brevis 40Lp on productive and health indicators of broilers

Fátima Arteaga, Ana Rondón, Grrethel Milián, Marta Laurencio, Gabriela Narváez, L. A. Velez, Georgette Pinto, J. Muñóz

Effect of a dry fermented product on morphological, immunological, histological and health indicators of broilers

Lourdes Savón, B. Sánchez, A. Elías, H. J. Ortega, M. Gutiérrez, Idania Scull, Magalys Herrera

Evaluation of vinasse as supplement in blood indicators in breeding sows

María C. González, Zoraya Rodríguez, Lorena Hernández, R. Bocourt, M. Yero