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Published: 2018-07-17

Effect of whey on solid state fermentation of coffee (Coffea arabica L.) pulp for feeding ruminants

L. A. Aguirre, Zoraya Rodríguez, R. Bocourt, V. Saca, R. Salazar, M. Jiménez

Production of xylanases by Bacillus subtilis E44 under submerged fermentation conditions

Madyu Matos, Aymara Valdivia, Zoraya Rodríguez, R. Bocourt, María A. Brizuela, Yadileiny Portilla, Yasmary Rubio, H. L. Ramírez

Bromatological characterization of Moringa oleifera foliage in different development stages

Y. Méndez, F. O. Suárez, D. M. Verdecia, R. Herrera, J. A. Labrada, B. Murillo