The Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science is a publication of the Institute of Animal Science from the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cuba. It appears quarterly and comprises the following topics in the agricultural field: Applied Mathematics, Economics, Animal Genetics, Animal Science (Physiology, Nutrition and Management of Ruminants and Monogastrics, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Dairy, Beef and Small Livestock), Pastures and Forages, Rural Development, Environment, Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Production Systems, Knowledge Transaction, Technology Transfer, Technology Innovation and Extensionism. It was founded in 1967. It is an impact and mainstream journal. It also appears in numerous international indices and has received the category of Certified Journal by the Academy of Sciences of Cuba.

Published: 2013-04-15

Econometric methods in the analysis of duary total production costs

Ferm?n Ra?l Cobo, Verena Torres, Yenia Machado, M. Fraga

Pastoral fattening with BMR (Brown Middle Rib) sorghums as fresh forage

A. E. Fern?ndez Mayer, Justiniano Stuart, Bertha Chongo, Pedro C. Mart?n

Chemical composition and nutritive value of torula yeast (Candida utilis), grown on distiller?s vinasse, for poultry feeding

B?rbara Rodr?guez, Luis Marino Mora, D. Oliveira, Ana Carolina Euler, L. Larav, Pedro Lezcano

Effect of heat and humidity on in situ rumen degradability of cottonseed

A. Estrada, Oreste La O, J. J. Portillo, Rafael Segundo Herrera, Beatr?z I. Castro, F. G. Rios