Meal of cassava (Manihot esculenta crantz) leaves in diets for naked neck broilers (Gen Nana)

Magdalena Herrera, T. Solis, V. Godoy, Mileisys Benítez


In order to know the productive performance of chickens (Gen Nana) that consumed cassava leaves, variety Verdecita MCOL 1505, included in the diet, 96 birds were used without sexing, from 28 to 90 d of age. In a random block design, they were distributed in three experimental treatments (6, 9 and 12 %) and one control (maize and soybean base diet), 24 birds per treatment, six replications of four birds each. The experimental treatments were similar among them and different from the control (P <0.05). They presented lower intake without affecting food conversion. The birds that consumed 9 and 12 % of cassava leaves had higher carcass yield (90 and 89.5 %), legs weight (642 and 582 g), less fat (45 g) and greater profitability (27 and 26 %). The results suggest that with 9 and 12 % of cassava leaves the productive performance and profitability are improved.
Key words: treatments, variety, fat, productive performance, profitability

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