Socio-economic analysis of the introduction of the buffalo species (Bubalus bubalis) in a cattle enterprise in Cuba


Through a socio-economic research, the incidence of the introduction of the buffalo species was studied in the Cattle Enterprise Mac, located in the Villa Clara province, Cuba. The rural participative diagnosis (RPD) was used, as well as the strategic analysis in three basic enterprise units: Pancho Pez, Santa Rosa (fattening buffaloes and cattle), and Dorado (dairy buffalo cows). Two participative workshops were conducted with diverse practices. Forty-six surveys were applied to workers, and seven interviews were made to enterprise and territorial officials. SAS (2007) was used to obtain contingency tables that were graphed in Statgraphic (2003). The SWOT analysis was conducted, including the strategic (cross-impact matrix) and the systemic analysis (interaction matrix). The factors were assessed in four
quadrants (power, conflict, autonomy, and output). Some economic indicators were analyzed in the buffalo fattening activity. The shortness in resources was the limiting factor, with negative consequences in the animal management, the work productivity and the social character of the activity. Certain rejection to this species was evidenced and its productive and economic advantages were highlighted. The strategic analysis showed higher score in the strengths, and the offensive position was outstanding, which allows facing external threats maximizing the strengths and the opportunities. It is of future concern that the productive staff of workers is coming of age. The introduction of buffaloes
in the enterprise has propitiated a stable and promising source of employment. However, it is urgent to spread the rearing of this species and overcome the organizational and technical difficulties to attain adequate socio-economic development. The applied methodology facilitates the decisions by the officials at the enterprise level out of the socio-economic factors involved in the productive process.
Key words: buffaloes, strategic analysis, socio-economy.


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