Traits of performance and carcass of pigs fed Arachis pintoi forage meal under Ecuadorian Amazon conditions

V. Andrade-Yucailla, J. Vargas-Burgo, N. Acosta-Lozano, R. Lima-Orozco


In order to evaluate the traits of productive performance and carcass characteristics of pigs fed Arachis pintoi forage meal, 28 animals, with initial body weight of 25.4 ± 0.8 kg and 50 days old were used, divided into two homogeneous groups (7 females and 7 castrated males in diets with 0 and 15% of inclusion of A. pintoi forage meal). Performance traits were evaluated in two
different periods (45 and 90 days) and pigs for carcass study, at 90 days of fattening. Results showed that control group reached higher liveweight than the diet, which included 15% of A. pintoi forage meal (0.786; 0.734) (P <0.001), representing higher rate of liveweight daily gain and better food conversion (3.14; 3.22). However, performance of hot and cold carcass was similar (P> 0.05), compared to A. pintoi group. The study of main cuts showed that this last group had a heavier loin, and sex only affected (P <0.05) loin length and back fat deposition. It can be concluded that pigs fed diets containing 15% of A. pintoi forage meal pigs reached more than 90 kg of liveweight and feed conversion inferior to 4, without affecting carcass performance.
Keywords: Arachis pintoi, pig, yield, carcass, different cuts

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